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Welcome to Scrap Cars Hull and East Yorkshire

We are a company who is destined to change the way we think about scrap vehicles, not only do we recycle and through spare parts extend the life of a motor vehicle but we also give extra life to some vehicles which have badly failed an MOT.

The full range of services will shortly be available on here and a complete and absolute unique industry first will be offered by us under the menu heading THE DEAL, keep your eye on this section for more details but will be ready to go and be launched sometime in April 2020.

This will completely revolutionise the way people get rid of an unwanted vehicle and make it much more attractive in what is received by the vehicle owner in exchange for their car, it is exciting news so watch this space.

For now though you can call us on 07577 854062 and we will buy and collect your unwanted vehicle.

Also in the same way that WeBuyAnyCar.com does business, we will offer the same as they do except we will offer you more money, without nit-picking over tiny dents etc and we will not just offer you money, we will offer you a host of other options too.

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